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    Residential & Farm
    Power costs differ between summer and winter.
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    Large Residential & Farm - Time of Use
    Power costs differ between summer and winter.

Understanding how you're charged for electricity.

  • Electricity consumption is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), that is, how many kilowatts you consumed for how long.
  • Electricity usage peaks between mid-afternoon and early evening. Many utilities offer time of day (also called time of use) rate plans that reward customers for minimizing electricity use at peak times.
  • Businesses may have the option to pay for their power according to their peak usage (demand) rather than simply by the kilowatt-hours consumed. Demand-based rate plans encourage customers to avoid spikes in electricity usage.
  • Most utilities offer customers a choice of rate plans but you must contact them to change your plan. If not, you will be assigned to the default rate plan.
  • Electric prices are usually higher in the summer than in the winter due to increased demand for electricity to run air conditioners.
  • In states where the electricity market has been deregulated, you may have a choice of electricity suppliers. Alternate electricity providers may offer better prices or rate plans than the local utilities.

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